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I found this cool new “search engine”. It is a bit different from google or other indexed search engines in that it indexes data instead of websites. This way you can ask wolfram a question and it will try to interpret it. And come up with relevant information and computes relevant graphs etc. So in short, make available data computable. Pretty cool. It can do all kinds of stuff like unit conversion, aerodynamics, looking up details about the human gnome, complex math, color calculations,  nutritional information, matching crossword puzzle letter sequences, showing name popularity, probability etc. etc.

Here are some cool examples:
Weather in The Hague, The Netherlands
10 km/h unit conversion
Gravitational constant 
Speed of light
Relative velocities
10 grams of water
International space station

For more cool stuff check out the examples and introduction screencast.

Or go to http://www.wolframalpha.com/ to try it out for yourself.

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