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The orbiting carbon observatory crashed

It’s really sad, the OCO did not make it to orbit. The fairing on the taurus XL rocket did not separate. It did not reach orbit because of the added weight of the fairing. OCO crashed just short of Antarctica a few minutes after launch.  There is no clarity about any flight spares yet, and the decision to rebuild or abandon the project has not been made yet. An investigation has been set up to determine exactly why the taurus xl failed to insert OCO into orbit.

Out of a total of 8 taurus XL launches, 2 have failed. That is a failure rate of 25%. It looks like a very unreliable rocket compared to the failure rate of the heavier delta II for example (139 successes out of 141 launches).

I really do hope they complete the A-Train by rebuilding and launching OCO II.

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