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Sea Shepherd launched antarctica expedition #5: Operation Musashi

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The Steve Irwin left Brisbane this week to meet up with the whale hunters later this month. They are once again going to harass the Japanese whalers to try and keep them from harpooning whales.



Steve Irwin departs Brisbane

Steve Irwin departs Brisbane

I sponsored about a quarter ton of fuel to load up the Steve Irwin for this expedition. I Really hope they can “sink” the whaling business economically this year. The credit crunch in combination with loosing milions of dollars on fuel from running from sea shepherd (in both fuel, and time lost with no whaling done) can’t be good for business.


Greenpeace chickened out this year and will not be sending a ship to the southern ocean whale sanctuary. I disagree with Paul Watson on this being a bad thing. The only thing they did was taking pictures anyway. maybe all those people who donated to greenpeace will donate to sea shepherd this year when they hear greenpeace is not doing any direct action and sea shepherd is. The animal planet coverage with whale wars will certainly help.

I sometimes wonder, can’t the money collected by greenpeace be used to pay all the Japanese whalers wages instead of being used to steal packages from trucking companies and not even sending a ship to Antarctica to do nothing except taking pictures? That way the whalers can sit around and drink tea all year instead of killing whales, or even persue a job that doesn’t involve killing. Everyone happy.

I wish this years crew the best of luck on the campaign, and hope that both the Steve Irwin, and the Japanese fleet crews return home safely.

Please take a look at www.seashepherd.org for more information on the campaign.

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