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Garmin Edge 605 GPS enabled bike computer (review)

Garmin edge 605 GPS enabled bike computer on my mountainbike

Garmin edge 605 GPS enabled bike computer mounted on my mountainbike

I usually cycle routes that are familiar to me because I know the way, so I can ride without stopping. But I wanted something more than that. I wanted a simple but useful device to go on unfamiliar bike rides with, without getting lost or stopping to look at a map.

Some things I decided I would need where:

  • Size, as small as possible.
  • Weight, as light as possible.
  • Long battery life.
  • Display should be easy to read in bright daylight and at night.
  • Water proof for obvious reasons.
  • Easy to use.

So I choose and bought a Garmin 605 GPS enabled bike computer a few weeks back. This unit has all the traits in the list above. It comes with two mounts. One for horizontal and one for vertical bar mounting. Those are attached with supplied tie-wraps. The mount is very stable and I’m not worried about losing the device. Even if it is a rough road (or no road at all).
I’ve used it to ride some routes and it works pretty well. It’s hard to operate the device when the road is rough, but that is expected. I’ve used it in the rain once now and have not had any problems. It’s water resistance rating is IPX7, which means it should survive temporary immersion in up to 1 meter of water for an hour. So I’m not worried about rain. The display readability is excellent. You don’t need the back light at all during the day and this improves the battery life considerably. At night the display lights up if you touch a button, or when it gives a new direction for you to take. You can set both the brightness and how long it should stay lit. You can also enable beeping sounds when the device wants you to change direction. Battery life is pretty good. The specification mentions battery life of up to 16 hours. I don’t know if this is true but I’ve never been without power up till now.

I’ve found a very useful website where you can find routes by category (car+motorcycle/cycling/hiking) and place by looking at a map. You can also create an account and create your own routes to share with others. The website and first route I have made can be found here:  routeyou.com.

I’ve even tested it with large routes and tracks with many thousands of points of up to 250km. It loads them very slowly, but it works. I will test this on a motorcycle trip later on. I hope the device will be usable on the motorcycle as well. I’ll update this post after the trip and let you know if it worked good enough for motorcycle use.

I think this device was worth my money. I can go out biking without worrying about getting lost. Also, planning routes before you go riding is fun, and you can create a route that seems most interesting to you.

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